Top 8 professions in Operations Management

Top 8 professions in Operations Management

Top 8 professions in Operations Management

Operations Management is a wide field with a lot of diverse career paths.   Most of the Operations Manager jobs are in the manufacturing industry but there are many booming industries as well, especially computer software, medical technology, and telecommunications.  When choosing a field in Operations Management, you should pursue a path which interests you.  However, some professions in Operations Management offer higher average salaries and more growth potential.  Here are the top 8 professions in Operations Management based on outlook and average salary.

1. IT Operations Manager: $75k

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries and it is projected to continue growing rapidly in the future.  As an IT Operations Manager, you would be in charge of overseeing teams of programmers, software engineers and other professionals dealing with data computing.

2.  Financial Operations Manager: $80k

This OM position is responsible for a company’s entire finances.  They will analyze reports in order to ensure that the company is working within budget.  Financial forecasting is also an important aspect of the job.

3. Operations Manager Research Analyst: $93k

Research Analyst Operations Managers decide how to allocate a company’s resources in order to ensure profits.  Resources may include time, people, space, money and raw materials.  They also may compare research projects to see if they are performing well.

4. System Center Operations Manager: $84k

This OM career is involved with making sure that a company’s computer network is running.  He or she will lead teams of experts in monitoring networks, performing security checks and performing upgrades.  This Operations Management field is not only well-paid but also growing quickly.  You should be able to find a job easily with just a few years of experience out of college.

5. Quality Assurance Operations Manager: $81k

They work on making sure that products are free from defects and that production goals are met in regards to quality.  Quality Assurance OMs may lead tests and inspections of products.

6. Industrial Production Operations Manager: $76k

These Operations Managers coordinate the production departments in manufacturing companies.  They are in charge of employee scheduling, hiring and terminations, quality control, maintenance and coordinating the entire unit’s activity.

7. Marketing Operations Manager:  $77k

The Marketing OM is in charge of all aspect related to a product or services marketing.  He or she will analyze demand and monitor consumer trends in order to find the most effective marketing strategy.  Also, he or she will forecast revenues and establish prices.

8. Purchasing Operations Manager: $69k

A Purchasing Operations Manager is in charge of acquiring all goods and services that are needed for a company’s operation.  They not only buy these goods but also are in charge of monitoring the quantity and quality of the goods/services.  The Purchasing Operations Manager will also forecast changes in the price of goods or services in the future.  This isn’t one of the highest paying careers in Operations Management but it has a good job outlook as all different sized companies require this position to be filled.