Top 5 Reasons Why to Become an Operations Manager

Top 5 Reasons Why to Become an Operations Manager

Top 5 Reasons Why to Become an Operations ManagerTop 5 Reasons Why to Become an Operations Manager

To become an Operations Manager takes a combination of lots experience in the field, formal education, and dedicated hard work.  So why should you want to follow this career path?  Here are the top five reasons to become an OM.

You are the boss. Operations Managers are the ones in charge of the success of entire companies or departments.  This does mean a lot of work but it also means that you get to be the boss.  Depending on the size of the company, you will have anywhere from a small team to an entire fleet of employees reporting to you.  In most cases, Operations Managers are white collar positions in blue-collar fields.  As boss, you get to work in your “dirty” industry without having to do any of the hands-on work, such as in a factory or at a construction site.

You are made for the job. If you are even considering the job of an Operations Manager, then you probably already possess certain qualities.  You are a natural leader, have a quick analytical mind, enjoy troubleshooting, are great at planning and are an effective communicator.  It takes a careful balance of type A and B qualities in order to be a good Operations Manager.  If you are one of the rare people with these qualities, it would be a shame to waste them in another career path.  Also, if you fit this description, you will also probably be bored doing anything other than operations management!

Great pay. Since Operations Managers are the boss, it means you can expect an attractive salary.  According to, Operations Managers have an average salary of $69k yearly.  Of course, this amount changes drastically depending on the industry in which you work.  Most Operations Managers with higher education and many years in the industry make 6-figured salaries and there are OMs that are making millions while heading large companies.  As an Operations Manager, you can also expect benefits and large bonuses.

You enjoy a challenge. There is no one set way to do the job of an Operations Manager.  Each company requires a different perspective and a lot of creativity when finding ways to increase efficiency and profits.  Not everyone is meant to hold this position.  It often gets very stressful, especially because the success or failure of the department/company is the sole responsibility of the Operations Manager.  However, if you enjoy a challenge, then you will love this career choice.

Good prospects. Operations Managers are needed in many different fields and varying sized companies.  If you choose to pursue a career in Operations Management, you will likely spend a lot of time working up before gaining a high-level position.  However, you will always find yourself with many different options thanks to your skills and training.  Many Operations Managers change jobs as they gain experience and new opportunities become available to them.