Why are batsmen struggling in Test cricket? Nasser Hussain, Ricky Ponting and Mike Atherton assess

Steve Smith has been a genius,” Ben Stokes has been excellent and Rory Burns and Marnus Labuschagne have impressed but batting positive has been hard for others.
Ahead of day five of their Test, where England are aiming to battle to Ricky Ponting, Michael Atherton, Nasser Hussain along with a series-saving draw Describe ball is dominating bat.
Top-drawer bowling, faulty techniques, the infiltration of all white-ball cricket on the Evaluation game were discussed by the Sky Sports trio, in a podcast you’ll be able to download here!
Here is the pick of the chat…
“After Alastair Cook murdered he said the previous two or three seasons in his career in England was equally as difficult as it was. I concur, for several reasons, principally because is a very good crop of fast bowlers around right now. I thought on the third day at Headingley and have observed this Australia assault they had been from this world. They were tumultuous and gave the batsmen nothing to hit through the leg .
“There isn’t a spinner in the top 10 of the bowling rankings at the moment, although there have been five, 10 years ago. Where you compare that list to now, as well as the bowlers that aren’t in the top 10, like Mohammed Shami and Stuart Broad, I think that’s a much better crop.
“The conflict for the opening batsman in Test cricket is all about about the top of off stump and the very best bowlers, such as Josh Hazlewood, will land it there more frequently than the less-good ones. The ideal opening batsman would be the individuals who produce the decisions regarding what assault , depart and to play in that location.
“What Jason Roy’s struggles have revealed is that white-ball cricket is a completely different game. I’m not saying it’s not difficult to open in white-ball cricket however, by and large, the Kookaburra ball that is snowy doesn’t fold, there could be just two slips maximum and the roadmap is precisely exactly the exact same for you each time. In Test cricket, the challenges are indeed diverse.”
“Test cricket isn’t supposed to be simple and somebody has to say’I am going to do my best to overcome that. You might say Smith is hiding at the order but he is not – he is currently coming in at 30-2 each time, so he’s doing it against the ball.
“The effect of one-hundred which makes it more self indulgent – Ben Stokes could not have played the innings in the conclusion of Headingley or he didn’t have those one-day shots – but you need to admit that one-day stuff is creeping to the methods of Evaluation batting and undoubtedly affecting it.
“What’s been noticeable in this show is the hard hands, when I had been brought up you’re told to play with soft hands and allow the ball come for you. That is the place the point where the game has been infiltrated by cricket. Tough hands going at the ball, high back-lifts, people. Playing underneath your eyes and late seems to have gone.
“This can also be an England comment just a little bit, but I find men coming to Test cricket using the same practices precisely the also same mistakes, go back to county cricket then come back into Test cricket using the same tactics and same mistakes.”
“I believe we’ve seen some extreme circumstances – Headingley was probably the toughest batting conditions I’ve seen in the previous ten years any place on the planet. Even the bounce was a bit down and up, Old Trafford will turn in the match, which is not something that you connect in England.
“I believe there’s been a real focus on requirements and creating Test cricket more appealing. That means we want wickets to drop, we don’t want the dull five-day and we are not seeing most of the around the world. You understand on the very first day it will twist in India, you know in England it will seam and swing a good deal two or three weeks for you.
“The bowling abilities also have increased dramatically. To get Stuart Broad to bowl around the wicket to left-handed batsmen, four or even three years didn’t happen. I’m not certain the skills have improved.
There is also far more analysis – where is this one chink in this guy’s armour which we may expose? You can’t survive if you have flaws, you need the guts and would like to go and change items innings to innings or mid-series.”

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