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Geek where to find nerdy girls is actually the very first feature-length docudrama checking out the covert fifty percent of supporter society: nerdy ladies. Although geeky neighborhoods have actually just recently cheered height as significant social factors, quite little bit of interest has actually been actually routed in the direction of the females that reside and also partner with geek lifestyle each day. Producer Gina Hara handles this error through probing in to a globe of expert players, adorable outfits, phony labels, and also fatality hazards; she observes her topics by means of the euphoria of newly found area and also the apathy of ostracization while likewise discovering her very own battle with her nerd identification.


Written and also Directed through Gina Hara.
Made through Michael Massicotte.
Co-produced through Gina Hara.
Cinematography through Mattias Graham & Gina Hara.
Manufacturing Manager: Michael Massicotte.
Publisher: Mirenda Ouellette.
Audio Design through Christopher Olsen

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WORLDWIDE: To observe upcoming testings explore our Facebook web page. Nerd where to find nerdy girls is actually additionally offered for colleges, collections, meetings and also conferences.


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Anyone that is actually viewed the film “She is actually All That” or even has actually seen the 1st period of “Freaks and also Geeks” (as well as pondered why it acquired called off) can inform you the advantages of going out with a “nerdy” gal.

1. “” Five mins” “in fact suggests 5 mins.

Sure, these sorts of where to find nerdy girls are actually various – they may be peculiar- however they likewise carry a specific collection of attributes to the desk you definitely would not have the ability to find in other places (as well as I am actually certainly not only describing uncommon antiques either).

2. She is actually smarter than you.

Geeky where to find nerdy girls are actually a stroll- just like the inhaler they may maintain within their canvass totes (along with some tracts on quantum ideas).

3. You’ll never ever possess difficulty acquiring her presents.

They’re a breather coming from the standard, one I advise every male attempt taking just before picking the girl along with the LV monogrammed link.

4. She does not understand exactly how to become tired.

Here are actually 8 factors to constantly offer the geeky lady an odds.

5. She is actually as actual as it acquires.

Of all the arbitrary sh * t geeky where to find nerdy girls could consume over (lengthy mathematical formulas, cartoons flicks, “GoT” memes), their private look is actually never ever at the center of that checklist.

6. She have not reached the top however.

And this signifies effectively for you, as you’ll certainly never be actually needed to hang around extremely long for her to prepare yourself prior to days as well as such.

7. She recognizes your geeky interests.

When she states she’ll prepare in 5 mins, she suggests 5 mins.

8. She possesses geeky interests all her personal.

Unless she receives mesmerized carrying out a Sporcle or even one thing odd- after that you’ve come to merely spin along with the hits, in a manner of speaking.

Either method, at the very least you understand she will not be actually delaying your supper appointment “supplementing.”

It is actually certainly never the worst suggestion to trouble your own self to a geeky girl because- if all more falls short- a minimum of you recognize you’ll be actually strapping on your own to a vivid, mental woman for the long run. Consider this:

If your MacBook breathers, she’ll perhaps manage to fix the concern sans Applecare.

If you need to have aid researching, I am actually certain she’ll be actually much more than about to aid or even some mark memory cards at the minimum.

Not to discuss wise will certainly constantly be actually alluring.

One of the (a lot of) excellent factors regarding nerdy where to find nerdy girls is actually that they’re certainly not high-maintenance.

I imply, you might perhaps get her a package collection of some of her beloved tv programs (perhaps “Thrones” or even “Bizarre Foods along with Andrew Zimmern”) or even a present certification to the shopping mall- as well as you will not listen to an issue away from her for months.

Material points will not truly stimulate the passion of these kinds of where to find nerdy girls . As well as you perhaps will not understand just how much of a benefit this is actually for you up until following Christmas, when you’re buying your shorty at Brookstone- cooling in a massage therapy seat- as opposed to wasting a handful of salaries at the Chanel specialty shop.

One of the best resources a geeky girl will certainly possess is her creativity.

There will certainly never be actually a plain minute when you’re dating these forms of ladies given that there will definitely constantly be actually one thing that will definitely stimulate her passion.

Whether it be actually an early morning go through the area or even an evening invested enjoying hilarious films, she’ll certainly never be actually worn out.

It is actually truthfully such an alleviation understanding your woman delights in only being actually in addition to you, without really feeling pressured to find “traits” to accomplish.

I’ve regularly discovered it unsightly when ladies mention they’re worn out considering that just how can easily you remain burnt out when there is actually a great deal elegance around the world ( signal Lester Burnham’s representation).

She is actually as genuine as the old Hall and also Oates vinyl fabrics she accumulates. A nerdy girl will definitely experience absolutely no commitment to comply with any kind of form of social criterion, whatsoever.

And that’s what creates her therefore eye-catching- she is actually certainly never frightened to become herself.

For me, there is actually no hotter attribute than “authenticity,” as well as- for far better or even for much worse- she is actually constantly legitimate, also when it could be a little uncomfortable.

It pulls dating a female, just to learn she prefers she can stop opportunity as well as return back to her “prime years”( which went to some factor in the course of her junior year of senior high school).

These forms of girls normally possess currently actually peaked- and also it is actually all downhill, not long after that.

That claimed, nerdy girls usually do not possess the fondest of moments when it involves (any type of amount of) social learning, so they’re still growing coming from a social viewpoint.

Who recognizes what the future invites establishment for her; provide her a handful of even more years, and also she could appear like Jodi Lyn O’Keefe due to the edge of “She is actually All That.”

Lord understands you’re rather unusual on your own.

You’re in to jazz popular music. You like wagering the totality of your payday on ping pong- specifically girls’s ping pong ( during the course of clay-based court time).

You delight in smoking a little bit of pot while checking out Food Network and also talking in an Australian emphasis like Chef Curtis Stone for the rest of the evening.

Hunter S. Thompson is actually your beloved. Jiddu Krishnamurti is actually your the lord.

Yeah, she only type of obtains every one of this sort of things.

Thankfully, you’ll never ever must stress over some of your very own unusual practices considering that she’ll regularly exist to recompense along with a few of her personal.

Realistically, you find these peculiar enthusiasms hot due to the fact that they’re what established her in addition to intermittent lady around perambulating the road.

Quirkiness is actually gorgeous due to the fact that it is actually irreplaceable. You could be courting a hot girl along with blonde hair and also blue eyes, however if she left you today, you will possibly manage to find an additional alluring girl along with blonde hair as well as blue eyes. It may only spend some time.

But if your sh * t breaks down along with your geeky sweetheart, I assume it’ll be actually a great deal more difficult to find a gal whose eyes illuminate at the possibility of Coen bros films and also shipping pizza.

I am actually informing you: That is actually the sort of sh * t you’ll overlook.