Warehouse Operations Manager

Warehouse Operations Manager

Warehouse Operations Manager

Job Description

A Warehouse Operations Manager is in charge of overseeing the daily operations of a warehouse.  This includes all activities relating to storage and transport of goods as well as safety and employee training.  The job of Warehouse Operations Manager involves a lot of planning and scheduling as new shipments arrive to the warehouse and others leave.  He or she keeps track of all the warehouse activities through record keeping.  The job also includes making sure that industry safety standards are met and maintaining the physical aspects of the warehouse.

  • Position Uniqueness

The job of Warehouse Operations Manager is different from other OM fields because it deals specifically with transport and storage.  The warehouse is the hub of all activities and the Warehouse Operations Manager is responsible for documenting them all.  Organization is particularly important for this job as deliveries, pickups, distribution and schedules are all documented.

  • Day in the Life

You should be prepared for a life of paperwork and strict procedures.  When a shipment arrives at or leaves the warehouse, it will need a report.  You will receive many invoices, work orders, and other reports on a daily basis.  It is your job to review all these papers in order to make schedules and organize deliveries and storage.  If you make a mistake, it could mean that a delivery doesn’t arrive on time, goes to the wrong place, isn’t picked up or so forth.  You will also need to do period maintenance of equipment like forklifts, communication tools like radios, and pallet trucks.  Problems inevitably will occur, such as flat tires or broken equipment, and you must be prepared to deal with it as it comes.  Warehouse Operations Managers usually have 40 hour work weeks but can expect emergency calls in off hours.

  • Personality Type

You must be highly organized in order to excel at this position.  Because every day means a new regime of orders, you must be able to quickly process information and create a schedule.  You must also be a great supervisor who works well with people and can effectively communicate orders.

  • Education

The majority of people working as Warehouse Operations Managers have bachelor’s degrees, often in a business or management related field.  However, you may be able to gain a position with just a high school diploma if you have at least a year’s experience in a related field. Once you have gained several years of experience, you will be able to go from managing a small warehouse to a much larger warehouse center.

  • Rate of Pay

The rate of pay for Warehouse Operations Managers varies depending on the size of the warehouse.  You can expect between $37k and $79k yearly along with benefits packages.  The average salary is $63k.

  • Business’s Hiring

There is a steady demand for Warehouse Operations Managers in both small and larger warehouses.  If you have a bachelor’s degree in management or business, you should be able to find a job immediately out of school.  However, if you just have a high school diploma, you will need to gain several years’ experience before securing a position.

Marcus Miranda

Warehousing Management Specialist