UFC 232 Odds & Betting Preview

Ultimate Fighting Championships President Dana White alerted the media that UFC 232 between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson Was Transferred from T-Mobile Arena to The Forum in Inglewood, California.

The Forum is where Magic Johnson, Kareem, and the L.A. Lakers did their work before the late 1980’s.
Can Jones take down Gustafsson in Showtime’s old haunt? Or, will Alexander appear huge? Check out analysis, UFC chances, and selections for the 5 top fights on UFC 232’s main card!
UFC 232 Odds & Betting Preview
When: Saturday, Dec. 29 at 10:00 pm MST
Where: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
Live Stream: UFC Fight Pass
Alex Volkanovski vs Chad Mendes
UFC 232 Truth: Volkanovski +130 / Mendes -150
Mendes is the preferred even though Volkanovski is 18-1 while Mendes is 18-4. Vokanovski has a higher knockdown average each 15 minutes, floor his competitors .73 after each quarter-hour while Mendes takes down his competitors .68 each quarter hour.
The secret in this battle is Mendes’ patience and grappling skill versus Volkanovski’s aggression. In case Mendes can weather the first part of the fight, he should be in a position to win a determination or wear down Volkanovski by Round 3.
UFC 232 Pick: Chad Mendes
Corey Anderson vs Ilir Latifi
UFC 232 Truth: Anderson +130 / Latifi -150
This looks like a bad matchup for its demanding Ilir Latifi. Even though a great brawler, 40% of Latifi’s wins have come via KO or TKO, he’s up against it contrary to the exceptionally skilled Corey Anderson. Anderson’s won 67% of his fights via conclusion. He takes his time and uses both a powerful standup and ground game to outside point his opponents. Anderson’s 6′ 3″ into Latifi’s 5′ 10″ and contains a significant 6″ achieve advantage. Anderson takes it. UFC 232 Select: Corey Anderson
Michael Chiesa vs Carlos Condit
UFC 232 Odds: Chiesa -180 / Condit +150
27-5 Carlos Condit used to be among the most feared fighters at UFC. He shows up on Dec. 29 a puppy to Michael Chiesa. Chiesa heads to this off a loss, but he has an wonderful ground game.
He’s never knocked out one competitor. However he averages a takedown 2.87 times each 15 minutes. That’s impressive. What’s also striking is his takedown precision, 39 percent, and his takedown defense, 68%.
Chiesa places a beating on Conduit and wins a choice.
UFC 232 Select: Michael Chiesa
Amanda Nunes vs Cris Cyborg
UFC 232 Odds: Nunes +215 / Cyborg -265
Can Amanda Nunes have any chance against Cris Cyborg? Not really. Nunes is a fantastic fighter. Cyborg is a superb fighter. She has won 85 percent of her fights via KO. Not only that, but where Nunes has an edge, in grappling, Cyborg’s got excellent protection.
Cris prevents 91% of takedown attempts. Unless she doesn’t show up ready to fight, Cyborg should finish Amanda Nunes’ night .
UFC 232 Select: Cris Cyborg
Alexander Gustafsson vs Jon Jones

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