System Center Operations Manager

System Center Operations Manager

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Job Description

The job of a System Center Operations Manager is to make sure that a company’s operating system are running smoothly with minimal downtime.  They will usually lead teams of experts in order to take pro-active action against any network problems.  The manager is required to be knowledgeable of all technologies applicable to the job and also be skilled in leading teams.  He or she will set employee schedules, monitor operations, keep records, and review finances to ensure profit.

Position Uniqueness

This position is unique to other OM positions because it relies on extensive knowledge of operating systems.  The manager must be a trained official in the field in order to make sure that the company is getting the most effective and efficiently operating system.  Managerial skills will not be enough for this job!  Also, this career quickly changes as new technologies become available and the System Center Operations Manager must keep up with them.

Day in the Life

System Center Operations Managers spend most of their time in an office during normal working hours, Monday through Friday.  You will use this time to make employee schedules and monitor their work through reports.  You can expect to spend a significant amount of time with paperwork and organizing tasks.  Because your primary job is to make sure that the company is profiting, you will regularly review financial reports and budgets.  You will want to look for places of potential growth within your own department by seeing what new technologies have become available.  You will rarely need to work late hours.

Personality Type

System Center Operations Managers are a rare type of people; they are both technically minded and people-oriented.  They have the analytical mind required for working with computer systems and troubleshooting complex problems.  They also work well with employees and are good at giving directions and communicating ideas.  System Center Operations Managers are self-motivating and enjoy the challenge of a constantly changing workplace.


System Center Operations Managers are typically required to have a BS or a BA in a related field.  However, experience is the most important aspect here with most employers looking for at least 5 years of experience as well as managerial experience.  Certifications such as Microsoft are a plus which will give you a head up over the competition.

Rate of Pay

The rate of pay for System Center Operations Managers varies depending on the size of the system being maintained.  Salaries range from $49k and $112k with an average salary of $84k.  Pay increases with level of experience and education.

Business’s Hiring

There is a steadily growing demand for System Center Operations Managers.  You should have no problem finding a job in the field just out of college and rising to manager status within a few years.  The businesses hiring System Center Operations Managers are large companies to mid-range companies.  However, the need for System Center Operations Managers is growing in smaller companies as well.

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