Store Operations Manager: Job Descirption, Education and Salary

Store Operations Manager: Job Descirption, Education and Salary

A Store Operations Manager is responsible for all the various tasksStore Operations Manager

Job Description

A Store Operations Manager is responsible for all the various tasks involved in keeping a store running smoothly.  One of the primary responsibilities is overseeing employees to make sure they are giving top customer service and gaining sales.  Personnel tasks include hiring, terminations, and training.  The Store Operations Manager is also in charge of making sure that the store is on budget.  He or she will determine employee schedules, manage cash, and manage inventory.  Other tasks include various paperwork, adhering to company policies and packaging.

Position Uniqueness

The position of Store Operations Manager requires much more people skills than most other OM careers.  A Store Operations Manager must be able to lead teams of employees in an effective way, motivating the team to work while keeping up morale.  There is a great amount of creative leeway in this position for various leadership methods.

Day in the Life

As a Store Operations Manager, you will spend a lot of your time watching over your team as they work.  This means being on the store floor and on your feet for most of the time.  In larger stores, you may rarely have actual interaction with the customers but in smaller stores you will be working sales right alongside your team.  It is important that you always lead your team by example and give the best customer service 100% of the time.  You will need to find different ways to motivate your employees to generate sales.  You may also hold regular mandatory training sessions and motivational seminars for your staff.  The business side of the position is fairly routine.  You will have generally have set procedures for completing transactions and managing finances.  Store Operations Managers generally work 40 hours a week with varying work shifts.

Personality Type

Store Operations Managers are great at working with people and are team leaders.  They know how to communicate ideas and motivate people into action.  Often, public speaking skills are an asset for this job.  Store Operations Managers are also highly motivated to success and are good with numbers and following procedures.


No set education is required to become a Store Operations Manager and there is no major salary difference between managers with and without higher education.  Most employers are looking for experience in sales.  Often, a store will hire candidates with high school diplomas for the sales department and allow them to gradually move up into higher managerial positions.

Rate of Pay

The average pay for Store Operations Managers is $41k yearly with a range of $34k to $76k.  The salary depends on the size of the store being managed and the number of employees supervised.  Store Operations Managers can often expect bonuses and profit sharing incentives.

Business’s Hiring

Most positions in Store Operations Management are at smaller stores with less than 30 employees.  However, there are also larger chain stores hiring Store Operations Managers.  These positions pay better but require more years of experience.  The job outlook for Store Operations Managers is good with many openings at entry and upper levels.