Consumer Focused Logistics and Supply In Sharing Economy

Consumer Focused Logistics and Supply In Sharing Economy

The sharing economy – further proof that dedicated entrepreneurs are able to band together and make something positive out of something as negative as the financial crisis. The sharing economy (sometimes referred to as the peer economy or collaborative consumption) is actively disrupting many industries. Rather than relying on individual ownership, the sharing economy is one where participants share products or services.


One of the more innovative concepts of the sharing economy is TailBus. This company is taking the concept of something simple (transportation) and it making it into a different experience altogether. Created as brain child of Drew Moffitt who is a  online digital marketing agency director at – New York based agency.

Operations management in a sharing economy

Remember that sharing economy companies do not actually own the asset. Given that TailBus does not own its own transportation, it cannot shift its entire focus on the asset itself. From a managerial perspective, it is essential to remember that you have to identify a different selling point in order to set your company (TailBus in this example) apart from the competition.

When talking to representatives from TailBus, they revealed that their focus is a consumer centric experience. The representative stated:

It is simple really, the bus is not our own, so we cannot modify certain aspects or suggest that we have exclusivity in the asset itself. What sets TailBus apart from the other offerings on the market is the fact that we have a ride ambassador onboard that helps facilitate what we call a ‘social bus experience. This person is not a simple host/ess, this person is part chaperone, part DJ/entertainer, part bartender. They are there to ensure that this ride goes beyond what consumer expectations might be

The actual concept that TailBus uses seems so straightforward, but it is one that many operations managers may overlook. What is it that allows you to set yourself apart from the other offerings on the market? If you cannot change a particular aspect, you could opt to market yourself like others, provide a solid experience, but nothing spectacular.

TailBus understands that focusing on the customer is the surefire way of guaranteeing that you not only leave the customer with the best possible experience, but also ensures that the customer is going to tell friends about their experience.

How many times have you been on a bus ride with one or two friends and realize that the only reason you are using the bus is because you want to get from point A to point B. We want to make sure that half the fun is getting to your destination. We encourage and curate interaction with passengers. This has led to friendships, and in some cases even dates

Putting the customer first

Far too often do operations managers believe that they have an exclusively internal role to play. Improving and monitoring the performance of products, processes, and people is something that many operations managers become overly fixated on. This may be a case of misplaced focus.

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The internal benefits to a customer-centric approach to doing business are tremendous. It offers a competitive advantage, higher-margin performance, and is ultimately more sustainable. While it is certainly admirable to address issues within the organization or your assets, taking the customer point of view is infinitely more productive. To do so, we must first define value through the eyes of our customer. What do your clients see as the costs and benefits of working with your company? For TailBus, it is offering an exclusive party atmosphere that cannot be found elsewhere.

If you want to learn more about TailBus or easily plan or join a TailBus trip to anywhere, we highly recommend that you visit the webite.