Sales Operations Manager: Job Description, Education and Salary

Sales Operations Manager: Job Description, Education and Salary

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Job Description

The job of a Sales Operations Manager is to make sure that a company gains and increases its revenues.  This means that you will look over the companies’ strategies, structure, data, and reports.  You must also be able to find emerging market opportunities and apply them to the company.  Sales Operations Managers usually have a broad view of a company’s revenues and will work with other sales managers to ensure profits.  Other Sales Operations Managers work with sales teams as a leader and motivator.  In many cases, a Sales Operations Manager will have the freedom to define his/her position in the company.

  • Position Uniqueness

A Sales Operations Manager only looks at the financial aspects of a business.  This might require you to look through other fields of operations management but the goal will be to increase revenues.  Your job will require you to look within the company to review data, motivate teams, and make strategies.  However, you will also need to look externally in order to locate potential areas of growth.

  • Day in the Life

The position of a Sales Operations Manager is usually a 9-5 job with set office hours.  When you arrive to work, you can expect to review the latest sales review figures, interpret their meaning and brainstorm new ways to increase revenues.  In smaller companies, you will work directly with the sales team as a motivator.  In a larger company, several lower-ranking sales managers may report to you.  You may also meet with potential clients or have brainstorming sessions with other department heads to find ways to attract new clients and increase sales.  There is a nice mix of time spent with human resources and data analysis.

  • Personality Type

In order to excel in this position, you must have great leadership skills.  It is your job to act with authority and be decisive while making a plan.  Effective communication skills are a must and motivational skills are necessary when working with teams.  A fair amount of charisma is also needed for dealing with potential clients.

  • Education

With a bachelor’s degree in business or management, you will be able to find an entry-level position in sales.  With several years of experience and the desired skills, you can get a higher-level position in a larger company.  However, most upper-level Sales Operations Management positions require a master’s degree.

  • Rate of Pay

The rate of pay for Sales Operations Managers varies greatly depending on the size of the company, location and position level.  You can expect around $53k to $87k yearly depending on experience.  Bonuses and profit sharing will add about $6k to $19k.  Sales Operations Managers also get commissions which range from almost $10k to $21k.

  • Business’s Hiring

The outlook for Sales Operational Managers remains consistent the next few years.  While this position isn’t in high demand, there are many different businesses hiring in various fields.  Once you have experience with sales management, you will find that you have many more job opportunities available to you.  Many people working in this field change careers several times in order to gain experience and keep their job interesting.

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