Operations Manager Training: Degrees and Certifications

Operations Manager Training: Degrees and Certifications

Technical Operations Management will cover the specific areas that would qualify you to work in the industry such as delivery, supply chain and inventory management.Operations Manager’s Training

The job of an Operations Manager can be very versatile which means training to become an OM will also be versatile.  In the past, there weren’t many colleges and universities which offered a formal degree of education for operations management.  Candidates were expected to have experience in the field and show the traits of a good manager.  Now, companies are looking for Operations Managers with a combination of formal education and field training.

Formal Operations Manager training comes in two different fields: managerial and technical.  Obviously, technical training varies on the specific field of operations management that you are interested in.  Even though both of these courses will help qualify you for an operations management position, they differ greatly.  Managerial Operations Manger training involves the issues of strategic planning, making projections, inventory practices, auditing and other matters pertaining to quality improvement.  Technical Operations Management will cover the specific areas that would qualify you to work in the industry such as delivery, supply chain and inventory management.

  • There are a large amount of universities that are offering courses in both these fields.  It can be difficult to choose a major course study for Operations Management since you will need to be proficient in both fields to be a good candidate.  Technical OM training is good for those who are mathematically minded whereas Managerial study is suited for those who are natural leaders.  Look for a university that allows you to take coursework heavy in the other field.
  • Many people in Operations Management will choose to go on to a Master’s level of study.  In this case, it is good to get the Operations Management training in the field that you didn’t study, i.e. a graduate in management should study a technical field or vise-versa.  Technical graduates may also choose to go on and study a specialization.  Of course, formal education isn’t absolutely necessary to obtain many positions as Operations Management if you are willing to work your way up through work in the field.  However, a bachelor’s degree or higher will usually allow you to skip past entry-level positions right after completing your study.
  • Those who have several years of experience in a field probably but no formal education probably won’t want to put their career on hold to return to school.  In this case, there are several paths of Operations Management training available that will give him/her an edge over the competition.  Depending on the field, you can get licensed or certified in several areas of operations.
  • There are organizations such as APICS (The Association for Operations Management), RIMS (Risk Management Society),AME (association for manufacturing excellence). Each one of those associations will provide you with a certification and training.
  • Insider Tip: These organizations that we have mentioned, usually have a chapter of the organization in large cities all over the world, and you can become a member of that chapter. A very good way to get into social network of established people in the operations field, especially if you just starting out. If there isn’t a chapter near you, you can request an organization to let you become a chapter  founder in your area, and promote the name and reach of the organization.  Benefiting in the long term from the leadership and status of the position.
  • Insider Tip: You can also become a member of the organizations,  it doesn’t require certification and can be done online (it does have a small payment to become a member), it can also give you a leg up over other candidates when you are job search , if you put membership of organization on your resume.

In order to become certified, you will need to pass all parts of a five part examination.  Re-certification is necessary every five years.  Operations Management training is also available in the form of workshops and seminars.  These usually last for several days and involve intensive training.  Putting these OM training workshops on your resume will not only make you stand out amongst the competition, but also give you the skills needed to be a successful Operations Manager. Learn more about Operations Management field about jobs, fields and salary in our Overview section.

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