Marketing Operations Manager: Job description,  Education, Salary

Marketing Operations Manager: Job description, Education, Salary

Marketing Operations Manager  must be able to calculate the demand of the products or services Marketing Operations Manager

Job Description

A Marketing Operations Manager is responsible for planning and organizing a company’s marketing.  He or she must be able to calculate the demand of the products or services offered by the company, determine customer base, monitor trends, analyze competition, forecast revenues, and establish pricing strategies.  The Marketing Operations Manager often also will supervise product development.  The goal of this job is to coordinate all aspects of marketing in order to ensure profits.

  • Position Uniqueness

A Marketing Operations Manager must have strong knowledge of supply, demand and market trends.  People in this position usually have a very specialized set of skills and expertise in a set industry.  Because they must be able to predict market trends and work with product development, Marketing Operations Managers must also be very creative.  There is a good balance of analytical skills and public relations skills required for this job.

  • Day in the Life

As a Marketing Operations Manager, you can expect to spend your time between research and working with teams.  When in your office, you will learn about market trends, look at new products and competition, analyze financial information, and other studies related to marketing.  You will then interpret this information as it applies to your field.  You will also interact with marketing specialists in brainstorming sessions, usually in the form of a meeting.  The information and conclusions are then turned into a marketing plan.  Once you decide on a plan, you are then in charge of putting it into action.  Often, you will have several assistants to aid in research, organization and implementing a plan.  Marketing Operations Managers work in an office setting during regular office hours.  However, you can expect to often work long hours and bring your work home with you.

  • Personality Type

You need to be equal parts analytical and creative to succeed as a Marketing Operations Manager.  The analytical part must be able to do detailed research, read charts and be good with interpreting numbers.  The creative part interprets all this information into an innovative marketing plan.  You must also be a good team leader and have good communication skills.

  • Education

You will be expected to have at least a four year diploma, preferably in business administration, marketing or communications.  Marketing Operations Managers with master’s degrees tend to have higher positions.  However, experience is equally as important as a master’s degree.  You are expected to have at least 5 years experience in a related field for this position.

  • Rate of Pay

Marketing Operations Managers’ pay varies depending on the size of the company.  If you have more experience and/or a higher degree, you can expect a career in a larger company and upwards of $125k yearly.  With a bachelor’s degree and only a few years’ experience, you will find an entry-level position in a smaller company for around $44k yearly.  You can also expect yearly bonuses and commission. The salary average is $77k.

  • Business’s Hiring

There are many smaller companies which are looking for Marketing Operations Managers.  These positions pay less but also require less experience and education.  Positions in larger, higher-paying companies are very competitive but may be obtained later in your career.

Author: Boris Ziberman

Marketing Research Analyst