Learn: cannabis use decreases dependency that is opioid

A landmark research released by HelloMD as well as the University www.cbdoildiscount.net of Berkeley, indicates that medical cannabis isn’t only a chosen treatment option for chronic discomfort, but additionally reduces client dependency on opioids.

The publication that is latest through the nationwide Academy of Sciences demonstrably refuted the gateway medication’ theory that using marijuana can cause opioid addiction, rather finding proof of cannabis having numerous curative advantages, stated Dr. Perry Solomon, Chief health Officer of HelloMD. Our study further substantiates this. Hopefully this can awaken the general public, medical experts and legislatures towards the proven fact that cannabis is a secure, non-addictive item, accessible to help fight the opioid epidemic. HelloMD

Major shows of this scholarly research include:

97% highly agreed/agreed they could decrease their opioid use when making use of cannabis

92% highly agreed/agreed that they prefer cannabis to take care of their medical problem

81% strongly agreed/ agreed that cannabis on it’s own had been more efficient than using cannabis with opioids.

Considering 2,458 opioid deaths that are overdose reported in Canada in 2016, these findings bring much more credibility towards the advantages of medical cannabis.