IT Operations Managers – Job Description, Education, Rate of Pay

IT Operations Managers – Job Description, Education, Rate of Pay

Information Technology Operations Managers - Job Description, Education, Rate of PayIT Operations Managers – Job Description, Education, Rate of Pay

Job Description

Information Technology can refer to a wide variety of tasks that involve data computing.  IT Operations Managers are responsible for overseeing projects in this field.  They supervise teams of software engineers, programmers and support staff in the creation of new software. This position is a mixture of between business management and technical know-how, both which are necessary in the production of new IT systems.  As a manager, you will be expected to make sure that projects adhere to a budget and are completed on time.  The role of IT Operations Management may also branch over to include maintenance and upkeep of computer systems in a business.

  • Position Uniqueness

While there are several fields of OM that deal with computers, an IT Operations Manager has a more specific job.  He or she will be in charge of supervising computer programmers, software engineers, and analysts.  This position may also require a fair amount of people skills as the IT Operations Manager is expected to bridge the gap between the technical team and non-tech staff.

  • Day in the Life

As you’d expect with this position, you will be spending a lot of time by the computer.  Even when supervising large teams of programmers and other staff, actual human contact might be to a minimum.  Much of the correspondence between staff may even be done via email.  You will spend most of your day monitoring the progress of problems and troubleshooting problems that arise.  You will usually report to an industry head and you will need to interpret the tech info in a way that non-technically minded people can understand.  If you love computers and learning new technologies, this job shouldn’t be high stress for you.  However, 40 hours a week in front of a computer can have its toll!  Make sure to take sufficient breaks and get exercise after work.

  • Personality Type

IT Operational Managers are analytically minded and Type A personalities.  They have an eye for the details and know how to fit them together to form a bigger picture.  People skills are not so necessary for this position but you will need to be able to communicate effectively in your reports.

  • Education

In order to excel as an IT Operations Manager, you need to have both business management and technical expertise.  A master’s degree in management information systems or business administration will qualify you for this position.  You should have studied technologies and be knowledgeable about the latest information and also be versed on economics, finance, and accounting.  This field changes rapidly so you will want to find a career right out of college or university.

  • Rate of Pay

Jobs in information technology tend to be in larger companies which offer competitive pay.  The majority of jobs pay at $50k to $110k with an average of $78k.  However, there are many entry-level jobs that start out at $30k yearly.

  • Business’s Hiring

This is one of the fastest growing fields in the United States and abroad right now.  There are large companies aimed just at developed information technologies.  You may also find positions in banking, healthcare, and financial services.

Author:  Fedor Syagin

Background:  Fedor Syagin is Senior System Analyst at Columbia University