Increased Earning Potential with Six Sigma Certification

Increased Earning Potential with Six Sigma Certification

Six-SigmaThere is no denying it – money makes the world go around. If you are someone who is looking to find new ways to make more money, if you want to add to your current salary, we might just have a great solution for you. The strategic quality improvement method known as ‘Six Sigma’ allows businesses to reduce waste drastically, while increasing the revenue of the company at the same time. One of the primary reasons that so many different employees are willing to enroll in Six Sigma Training is because of the earning potential with a Six Sigma Certified designation.

What it means for employees

Just going off the statistics, obtaining just one of the certifying belts in this strategy is going to make employees twenty to thirty percent more beneficial for the company when compared to an employee who does not have the certifying paperwork. Now if you are able to offer the company that employs you far more, you can easily make a case that your salary needs to reflect the additional skills that you have earned.

Based on their current level of knowledge, expertise, and experience, someone who holds a Six Sigma Certification may earn anywhere between five and fifteen percent more than someone who does not. Just imagine tacking fifteen percent onto your current salary, just because you have the right certification.

What you need to know about the tiered leveling system

Before you can talk about what Six Sigma certification can offer, you need to understand their tiered leveling system. Rather than providing physical names to the levels that employees can reach, they are provided with belt colors. It is possible to obtain four primary belt colors. From the lowest level of expertise to the highest, these belts are; yellow belt, green belt, black belt, and master black belt.

As is to be expected, the higher the belt level you attain, the more you are expected to be able to give back to your organization. The more valuable you are, the more likely it is that you are rewarded with a salary increase.

Opening doors

You are not just increasing your earning potential at your current position, but you are also opening doors with other employers. Especially in a competitive job market, an employee who has Six Sigma Certification is going to be in demand.

This means that those people who take the steps to get certified are going to be open to new job opportunities in the future. However, do note that you may run into some roadblocks if your current employer pays for you to get your certification. A company might be hesitant to let an employee go, especially if they have just invested a great deal of money in them.

Paying for your own certification

If you do not have a company pay your certification, but rather do it on your own dime, this is actually a good thing. Even though you are investing the money into the course out of pocket, you will be able to take this information with you wherever you go in your career. You can greatly increase your employment prospects by being certified.

Someone who does not have a certification does not have the same earning potential as someone who does have a Six Sigma certification. Each time that you obtain a new (higher) belt, your employer should be willing to increase your salary. Ultimately, this is going to work in your favor. You are able to help your employer reduce waste and increase production, while you receive a far more lucrative salary.