Hotel Operations Manager: Job Descirption, Education and Salary

Hotel Operations Manager: Job Descirption, Education and Salary

Some of the departments that a Hotel Operations Manager oversees include the front desk, housekeeping, human resources, and food service.Hotel Operations Manager

Job Description

A Hotel Operations Manager is responsible for all aspects of a hotel to make sure that it is running smoothly and making profit.  Some of the departments that a Hotel Operations Manager oversees include the front desk, housekeeping, human resources, and food service.  The Hotel Operations Manager is also in charge of making sure that the guests have a positive experience and will want to stay again.  Part of this includes dealing with guests personally including any complaints that arise.

  • Position Uniqueness

The Hotel Operations Manager position is different from other OM fields because it deals specifically with aspects in a hotel. This means that the position can also crossover into customer service and also human resources.  Along with needing the managerial and organizational skills typical of OM jobs, a Hotel Operations Manager will also need to be good at dealing with people and a great communicator.

  • Day in the Life

As a Hotel Operations Manager, you are dealing with many different aspects required to keep the hotel running.  That means your working day will be filled with surprises and new challenges on a regular basis.  On any given day, you may have to deal with special guest requests that can be outrageously absurd and then later in the same day deal with a pilfering maid.  You will also be expected to meet and greet the many different types of guests which come to the hotel- which can always bring new surprises.  However, you can count on a certain amount of routine too.  You will need to review the budget, plan training seminars, make schedules, oversee hotel maintenance, and other tasks which may be tedious. You will work set hours of your choice but must be around for special events or when problems arise.

  • Personality Type

Hotel Operations Managers are type B personalities who enjoy working with people.  They must enjoy meeting the various guests and providing for their often diverse needs.  They must also have Type A personality characteristics including the ability to organize many different operations, analyze budgets, solve problems and multitask.


Most small-sized hotels will not require any higher education. Several years’ experience in the hotel industry and adequate skills will be enough to qualify you for the job. However, many medium and larger hotels expect you to have a degree in hospitality management as well as experience in the industry.

  • Rate of Pay

The rate of a Hotel Operations Manager’s pay depends on the size of the hotel.  The average salary is $48k yearly for a mid-sized hotel that would require several years of experience.  A position in a small hotel may start out at $29k and a manager in charge of Hotel Operations for chains of hotels can get upwards of $180k.

  • Business’s Hiring

All sizes of hotels require a Hotel Operations Manager.  However, keep in mind that this position may crossover with other positions in smaller hotels.  Competition for this position is tough, especially in larger hotels with higher pay.