General Operations Manager – Job, Education and Salary description

General Operations Manager – Job, Education and Salary description

General Operations Manger General Operations Manager

Job Description

A General Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the operations of a company.  These responsibilities are too diverse to be considered one specific managerial field.  They may include tasks like training personnel, reviewing finances and keeping a budget, market planning, and managing employees.  A General Operations Manager is considered as a top executive in the company and is a leader with authority.  Often, the role of General Operations Manager intersects with the role of a CEO.

Position Uniqueness

Unlike other fields of OM, a General Operations Manager does not focus on one specific field.  Instead, he or she must be able to work in a variety of fields.  His or her job is to organize all the various managerial aspects of a company to ensure that it is running smoothly and gaining revenues. To make this happen, the General Operations Manager will often have several assistants.

Day in the Life

A General Operations Manager is on the top of the company’s hierarchy which means that you can expect a large office and the ability to make your own schedule.  Just because you get to choose your office hours, that doesn’t mean you will be spending a lot of time away from it!  As General Operations Manager, you are responsible for the success of the company and will need to work to ensure it.  That means spending a lot of long hours and late nights working.  You will have many meetings with other executives or potential clients.  In large companies, you may be expected to do a lot of traveling for work including overseas.

Personality Type

General Operations Managers are born leaders who are decisive and personas that demand authority.  They are highly motivated to succeed and ambitious.  Otherwise, they would not have risen to the rank of their executive position.  They must also have great people skills and are often good public speakers capable of commanding an audience.


General Operations Managers usually have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in business administration or a field related to the job.  However, experience is the most important factor in obtaining this executive position.  General Operations Managers start off in lower-level positions and work their way up in rank by showing consistent quality of work and dedication.  When the position of General Operations Manager becomes available, a replacement is usually chosen from within the company.

Rate of Pay

As a General Operations Manager, you can expect a very attractive pay as well as full benefits and bonuses.  The national average is $110k yearly but varies according to the specific field.  However, General Operations Manager positions are in small company branches and have pays as low at $30k yearly while General Operations Managers for major corporations can earn millions.

Business’s Hiring

The businesses hiring General Operations Managers vary in size with jobs in large corporations being very competitive.  A person may spend his/her entire career in a company working towards the top only to find that the position is never vacated or given to another candidate. In order to gain the position as General Operations Manager, you must be dedicated and driven.