Future of Operations Managers

Future of Operations Managers

Future of Operations Managers

The world is changing at a very fast pace. Communication technology is taking giant leaps, and countries are opening up their markets more to each other through bilateral and multilateral agreements — The future is upon us.

As the world moves towards globalization, businesses are becoming more and more exposed to the international world. This means that they are getting a larger base of clients than ever before, and there is no limit to how much they can increase their business. But it also means that businesses need people who can implement all the need changes, operations managers.

As more businesses go international, the need for control of expansion also increases. For businesses related to producing and delivering goods and services, this need will be fulfilled by Operation Managers. As per a recent study by a well-established management school, the future for Operation Management majors indeed looks good.

Some of the fields in business where demand is said to increase in the future, according to this survey are :

  • Supply chain management
  • Resource planning
  • Executing and controlling operations
  • Purchasing management
  • Customer relationship management

Out of all these, quality and resource management and planning are said to see the most growth in the coming years. This survey has gone to prove that more Operation Managers will be hired in the near future, making it a very lucrative career.

Looking into the rate at which businesses are being globalized, there are going to be certain fields in which Operation Managers would find more demand in the future:

  • Purchasing and material management
  • Scheduling and control
  • Operations planning
  • Customer service support
  • Supply chain management and distribution
  • Project management
  • Operations process consultation
  • Quality management
  • Process and methods planning
  • Warehouse management

A growing global economy requires a new set of skills from future Operations Managers. They need to be fast learners, online savvy, ready to adapt to changing rules in the market, and they need to be highly motivated. Good communication skills are always welcome as good Operation Managers are able to get the most out of their team by talking to them.

According to Indeed.com search,  the amount of jobs for operations management has grown 50% over past 5 years.

operations manager Job Trends graph

In short, the demand for Operation Managers is going to rise in fields of business, as the world economy grows more in the future. Even in slow economy, demand for OM’s have increased.  The profession is resilient to recession and if the trend we see on indeed graph is any indication, Operations Management will continue to grow .

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