Five Questions To Expect On Your IT Operations Manager Interview

Five Questions To Expect On Your IT Operations Manager Interview

IT Operations ManagerIf you are ready to shine in your IT operations manager interview, you will need to know what type of questions you should expect. These are a few of the common questions that we have come across before that you are likely to get in your next job interview when applying for IT operations management.

“Provide an example of having to resolve a customer problem related to a service”

This is a common question in IT environments, perhaps the issue affects the end user customer due to infrastructure problems, or the application was slow and negatively affected business users. Considering that service issues are commonplace, the company will want to make sure that you are capable of handling these issues.

Oftentimes issues are escalated if there is a lack of resources available to address the problem properly or if there is an unresolved technical issue affecting performance. Your interviewer is going to pay attention to whether you are just focusing on the problem or if you are in fact capable of overseeing the bigger picture. Are you looking for an interim solution or do you fix your problems long term?

“What management approach works best for you?”

If you want to be able to answer this question, you need to be truthful and have a little information about the company. Are they looking for someone who is very much hands-on or are they looking for someone with a laissez faire attitude? Explain WHY that specific approach has your preference.

“Tell us about a time that you dealt with someone who was frustrated on your team?”

This can be as serious a situation as you have experienced. Perhaps you are working with someone who does whatever they want, perhaps someone is gossiping, or perhaps someone has done something that led to customer impact or an outage.

Remember that it is far easier to solve technological problems than it is to fix problems related to people. If you want to lead an operations team to greatness, you need people, not just technology. Your potential employer will want someone who can reign in employees who are not living up to their expectations.

“What do you believe the essential skills are for an IT operations manager?”

A question that really cuts to the core of the situation – what do you believe is important in your prospective job? This is going to show your interviewer whether you are a good fit with their style of work. Are you both looking for the same thing, or are you entirely different from one another?

“Can you give an example of being given a project or task outside your normal job role?”

More and more companies want people who are flexible. If you are used to a ‘traditional’ way of doing things, adapting to those new demands may not be very easy. They will want to find someone who is passionate about using new ways of service delivery. Remember that as an IT operations manager, you will often be asked to lead culture changes. This means that you need to do more than ‘just try,’ you need to show a willingness to succeed. Make sure that you give examples of successfully implementing new processes in your previous job.

Any IT operations manager interview is going to have a unique set of questions. Oftentimes you may get questions specifically related to the company, or to the interviewer for that matter. It may be impossible to prepare everything. However, you can gain an edge in your interview. We have qualified consultants who know the ins and outs of IT operations management. If you want to prepare yourself, reach out, and they can help you.

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