Five Questions To Expect On Project Manager Interview

Five Questions To Expect On Project Manager Interview

Project Manager InterviewIf you are getting ready for an interview for a project manager job, you probably have a decent idea what you want to talk about in the interview. Yet we have found that being prepared is the best way that you are able to get yourself ready for any interview, which you want to function as an independent consultant or are applying for a full-time position. These are just a few questions that we know that you should prepare for if you are invited to a project manager interview.

What methods will you use to garner results?

This sounds like a question where you are able to be boastful, but you would be smart to hold off for a bit. You are able to identify the support and the tools that you would expect from your potential employer, and you are able to share what techniques you have used in the past. However, you also have to make sure that you highlight an understanding of the challenges that will come with that specific project and that particular company. The last thing an interviewer wants to see is a “one-size-fits-all approach”

You will not get away with just providing a generic answer. You are going to have to take a moment and show that you have considered the unique nature of each specific project. This means that you have to pay attention to what the interviewer values, and think on your feet. Rather than making boastful claims, this is your chance to ask important questions related to the company and the function.

For a project manager what is the most important thing he or she can do?”

This allows you to demonstrate that you have a good understanding of what a project manager does. It allows you to see whether both sides would be an excellent cultural fit for one another the last thing you want is to work somewhere where you do not feel comfortable. If the company values your ability to be flexible and adapt processes but you believe that strong focus on process is essential, chances are that you will not be a good fit for one another.

Can you give an example of the last time you did not delegate? What happened?

Being able to delegate is essential for a project manager, you could never hope to do everything yourself. While you certainly do not have to incriminate yourself, this question does offer you a chance to share a mistake, provided of course that you have since developed a way to deal with it. This demonstrates how you handle information overload and shows your capacity to learn from mistakes.

How do you spend most of your time during the day?

This is an excellent question for a potential interviewer, because it indicates how you do your job. Perhaps they want someone who can visit clients most days of the week, or perhaps they want someone who spends all day behind a computer. Again, this is about finding the best possible fit for both parties.

At your current job, how have you improved project management processes?

Even if you do not have as much experience as you might want, remember that this is a great question and allows you to shine. Everyone has a chance to offer some suggestions for improvements, even if they might not have the option to work on business critical projects. Remember that companies want someone who has ideas and is not afraid to share them.

Naturally, these are not the only questions that you are going to have during a project manager interview. However, we can help you with a consultation if you are looking to gain an edge on the competition during your next interview. Our qualified professionals have been on both sides of the table, and they know how to get you where you need to go.

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