Customer Service Operations Manager – Job Description, Rate of Pay, Qualifications

Customer Service Operations Manager – Job Description, Rate of Pay, Qualifications

Customer Service Operations Manager - Job Description, Rate of Pay, Qualifications Customer Service Operations Manager

Job Description

The exact nature of customer service varies depending on the industry.  However, regardless of the industry, a Customer Service Operations Manager is in charge of making sure that the company’s customers are satisfied.  Ideally, the customers’ expectations will be exceeded.   A Customer Service Operations Manager may lead and train a team of representatives or deal with customers face-to-face.  A Customer Service Operations Manager may also determine service policies and analyzing reports to determine customer satisfaction.

  • Position Uniqueness

The position of Customer Service Operations Manager varies from other OM fields because it directly deals with the company’s customers.  Even if the manager relies on a team and does not deal with the customers directly, he/she still sets the standard for how the customers are treated.  Communication skills are especially important for this position.

  • Day in the Life

Each Customer Service Operations Manager has his/her own method of ensuring customer satisfaction.  You may decide to start your day with a motivational or training session for your team.  This could involve things like role playing or conflict management tactics.  You will also be expected to spend some time analyzing customer satisfaction reports and using the information to find ways to make customers happy.  Customer Service Operations Managers often choose their own team and are responsible for training them.  In a large company, your team will be responsible for answering calls, responding to emails and in-person services.  However, you may be called up to provide customer service in event of a major issue or problem.  You can expect normal working hours Monday through Friday and a relaxed, friendly environment.

  • Personality Type

It is very important that you have fantastic people skills for a job as a Customer Service Operations Manager.  You need to be able to interact with all different types of people and predict their needs.  Because customer service often involves dealing with complaints, you must also have a great amount of patience.  As Operations Manager, you must be a leader and be consistent in setting a good example.

  • Education

No specific education is required to work in customer service.  However, to work as a Customer Service Operations Manager, a degree in business management or business administration would be helpful.  However, experience is the most important factor when it comes to customer service.  Many Customer Service Operations Managers only have a high school diploma but were able to excel in the field because of their ability to deal with people and exceed customer expectations.

  • Rate of Pay

The rate of pay for Customer Service Operations Managers ranges from $40k to $80k yearly with an average of $61k.  This depends on the size of the company and experience.  People with degrees in a business related field only have marginally higher salaries than those with high school diplomas.  Some Customer Service Operations Managers also receive profit sharing and bonuses.

  • Business’s Hiring

All sorts of businesses of various sizes are looking for Customer Service Operations Managers.  Popular industries include information technologies, retail, and manufacturing.  After spending several years in customer service, you should be able to find a job as an entry-level Customer Service Operations Manager.