Clinical Operations Manger: Job, Education, Personality

Clinical Operations Manger: Job, Education, Personality

Clinical Operations Manager. Doctor Manager

Clinical Operations Manger

Job Description

The job of a Clinical Operations Manager involves overseeing laboratory procedures. Your job will to make sure that the lab follows all procedures in regards to safety. Also, you will be in charge of insuring that quality controls are followed in lab tests to ensure that results are accurate.
This involves making sure that equipment is maintained, clinical staff are trained and supervised, selecting CROs, and making sure that projects are completed on time. You will also be in charge of budgetary issues and may have to interact with investors. A Clinical Operations Manager may also draft research protocols.

Position Uniqueness

A Clinical Operations Manager is a very specialized position that requires advanced knowledge of clinical procedures as well as managerial skills. In order to succeed in this career, you will need to have analytical skills for dealing with all aspects of laboratory procedures. You will also need to have great people and motivational skills though to lead your team. Some companies with Medical Product Focus, create local silos. Finding a job in a small company like that is another alternative for the Health care Op’s Manager.

Day in the Life

An average day for a Clinical Operations Manager varies depending on the industry he/she works in. In a smaller healthcare lab or medical clinic, you will work closely with a small team to complete tests. If you work in a larger lab or a hospital, your job will be mostly supervision and paperwork with little hands-on lab test work. In the pharmaceuticals and clinical research industries, you will likely focus on one project at a time in complete detail. In any of these cases, you can expect normal working hours of 40 hours a week and to spend a significant amount of this time with records keeping.

Personality Type

You must have the Type A personality which allows you to make extensive plans, oversee multiple aspects of a project and manage finances. However, you must also work well with people and have good communications skills. You should be a team leader and capable of motivating a team.


A Clinical Operations Manager is expected to have knowledge of both business management and medical technology. A bachelor’s degree may be enough to get you hired but most labs are looking for master’s degrees in fields of medicine or biology. For a position in a larger lab, you will be expected to have a Ph.D.  Studies that would qualify you for this job include biochemistry, public health, healthcare management, and anatomy. You will also be expected to have at least three years of relevant experience and many states require licensing.

Rate of Pay

Including bonuses and profit sharing; the rate of pay for Clinical Operations Managers ranges from $52k to $91k yearly with an average of $90k. The best paid positions can be found in the pharmaceuticals and clinical research fields though these positions require a higher degree of knowledge and experience.

Business’s Hiring

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this profession is expected to grow 14% from 2006 to 2016.  This good outlook means that you should have no problem finding a job as a Clinical Operations Manager if you have experience. If you only have a bachelor’s degree, expect to work in a small lab until you gain the experience necessary for work in a larger lab.