Business Operations Manager: Job Description, Education and Salary

Business Operations Manager: Job Description, Education and Salary

Artyom Malkov Business Manager in operations management

Business Operations Manager

Job Description
A Business Operations Manager is in charge of making sure a company’s goals are met.  This is done through making and managing plans, supervising business operations, formulating company policies, task organization, as well as other managerial duties.

It is the Business Operations Manager’s job to ensure the success of the company and failure or success will be his/her responsibility.The job of Business Operations Manager is often called General Operations Manager and can be interchangeable with the role of a CEO.

  • Position Uniqueness

As Business Operations Manager, you are in charge of many different departments and other fields of OM.  You must be able to handle the high-pressured job of managing an entire company.  To do this, Business Operations Managers will usually hire several lower-ranking managers in order to carry out tasks.  Even with a team of managers working for you, it is still your job to know the inner and outer workings of the company.  Your decisions are on the highest level and will directly affect the company’s success or failure.

  • Day in the Life

As a Business Operations Manager, you can expect to have a large office with comfortable décor and a nice view.  You are going to need that luxurious office because you will be spending a lot of time there!  Business Operations Managers usually work long hours and late nights.  You will spend a lot of time in meetings with department heads and other managers. As a top-ranking company head, you have the freedom to make your own schedule.  A vacation is a must after the high-stress atmosphere of heading all business aspects of a company.  Because you are responsible for the company’s success, you will certainly feel stressed at times.  If the company does not perform well, you can lose your position.

  • Personality Type

You must be confident and very ambitious to be a Business Operations Manager.  People in this position must enjoy being in charge or they would not want to deal with the stress of running a company.  Other personality qualities of a Business Operations Manager include being a self-motivator, decisive, a leader, and good at working under pressure.

  • Education

The type of education required for a job as Business Operations Manager depends on the type of company.  Most Business Operations Managers have at least a bachelor’s degree in a business related field and many of them have master’s degrees.  Experience and dedication are much more important than education though.  Most Business Operations Manager positions are filled internally.  After working for years to raise in status at a company, a higher-ranking manager is chosen to fill the position of Business Operations Manager.

  • Rate of Pay

The rate of pay for Business Operations Managers varies depending on the size of the company and the industry.  In any case, you can expect attractive compensation ranging from $90k to $150k yearly.  The average salary is $72k.

  • Business’s Hiring

You will find a Business Operations Manager in every large company, though the title may be called by a different name.  However, competition is fierce.  You will have to work your way through the ranks at a company to gain seniority.  It often takes decades before reaching this position.

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Author: Artyom Malkov

Entrepreneur and Operations Management MBA