Betting Online in India

Online betting is quite well known in India. It is widely quoted that our market is currently worth Rs. 3 lakh crore annually and that 40% of Indian internet users visit gambling sites. One of the reasons is because we have bookies for horse racing. As cricket betting is an obsession this leaves a void. Many enjoy betting Formula 1 football, tennis, field hockey and other sports. Foreign bookmakers are being used by the only way to do. This is the subject I discuss in this report.
Rupee Betting Sites
As with every form of internet based company, not all of online bookmakers are exactly the same; each has distinct betting interfaces, markets, chances and features. There are differences in where companies are licensed. When picking a bookie to pick an international one which services Indian punters, and has a lot of chances on cricket and other sports, it is very important.
The two sites below will be the top two options out there. They support multiple currencies including Indian Rupee (INR) and provide gambling odds for the Indian Premier League (IPL), several other cricket leagues and tournaments, and on most other sports

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