Assistant Manager:Job Descirption, Education and Salary

Assistant Manager:Job Descirption, Education and Salary

Assistant Manager

Job Description

The job of an Assistant Operations Manager is to help the General Operations Manager run the company.  In order to do this, the Assistant Operations Manager must be knowledgeable about how the many different specialties in the business affect the overall success.  He or she does not necessarily need to be versed on matters such as marketing techniques but will need to be able to hire someone to fill that role.  In addition to hiring specialists, an Assistant Operations Manager needs to motivate employees into action.  He or she will need to be very organized in order to keep track of the various activities in different departments and be able to report this information to the General Operations Manager.

Position Uniqueness

An Assistant Operations Manager’s job is not set or specialized like many other OM positions.  Instead, he or she can expect to do a little bit of everything.  Assistant Operations Managers usually use their position to gain knowledge and experience in order to obtain a higher-ranking job in the future.

Day in the Life

As an Assistant Operations Manager, you need to be able to predict your boss’s needs ahead of time.  Sometimes, this can mean doing secretarial tasks like scheduling.  You are expected to have reports and information on hand when the General Operations Manager needs it and be able to give status reports. Often, an Assistant Operations Manager serves as a bridge between employees and the General Operations Manager and will need to motivate teams into action.  Even though the Assistant Operations Manager isn’t necessarily thought of as a position of power, it does gain some status because of its closeness to the General Operations Manager.  Regardless of the field you work in, you can probably expect to work some late hours and weekends as your boss requires.  While much of this job is in an office setting, you will also spend time interacting with employees and motivating them.

Personality Type

You must be a great multi-tasker in order to excel as an Assistant Operations Manager.  Additionally, you will need to be able to recall various types of information and organize it effectively.  This job cannot be done without a high degree of Type A personality traits such as attention to detail and methodical planning.  However, it is also important to have type B personality traits while working with employees.


An Assistant Operations Manager is expected to have a four year bachelor’s degree in a field related to business, marketing or administration.  They are usually also expected to have experience or course work in the field of the company they are working for.  Many Assistant Operations Managers obtain their position by working their way up in the company so dedication and experience are also crucial.

Rate of Pay

The rate of pay of an Assistant Operations Manager depends greatly on the industry in which he/she works.  You can generally expect a range from $30k to $70k with an average of $48k.

Business’s Hiring

There are job openings for Assistant Operations Managers in all sorts of fields and sizes of companies.  These job positions are constantly in flux as assistants get promoted to higher-ranking positions and new assistants must fill their place.  After many years working as an Assistant Operations Manager, you may be in line for the position of General Operations Manager when the role becomes vacant.