5 Key Personality Traits of Operations Managers

5 Key Personality Traits of Operations Managers

Personality Traits of a manager 5 Key Personality Traits of Operations Managers

Operations Managers are the leaders of their companies and departments.  When it comes down to it, they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for whether or not a company is profiting and functioning efficiently.  Not everyone is fit for the job.   In order to be a good Operations Manager, you need to have these five key personality traits:


  • Leadership

It is hard to summarize all the skills that make up a good leader but these people are immediately recognizable.  They are the ones that exude confidence in all of their actions.  When these leaders speak, they demand authority and respect.  However, a leader never forgets about the team he/she is running and makes sure to offer encouragement and support where needed.  A good leader will also never be afraid to admit when he/she has made a mistake.

  • Great Planner

Part of being an Operations Manager involves organizing many parts of a project into one functioning whole.  In order to do this, the OM must be able to break down the parts and put them into a plan.  However, it isn’t enough for the Operations Manager to make a plan.  He or she also must make sure that the plan is put into effect, forecast problems, and find workable solutions along the way.  This requires an analytical mind and a great eye for details as well as the ability to predict future outcomes.

  • Common Sense

Operations Managers are often valued for their creativity in coming up with new ideas and problem solving.  However, this creativity always lies on a basis of common sense.  The Operations Manager will be able to look at all aspects of the company with objection and calculate whether plans are actually feasible or not.    Anyone with experience in the field will agree that it isn’t enough to have knowledge- one must also have the basic sense to put that knowledge into practice.

  • Effective Communicator

Many people think that managers are completely Type-A personalities with analytical mindsets.  However, Operations Managers also need the Type-B traits that help them work well with people, especially in regards to communication.  The job of an Operations Manager involves translating complicated ideas and instructions to teams of people, investors, and other department heads.  Since the OM may interact with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, this can be a very daunting task!   While looking at the technical aspects of a job, the OM will never forget about the human element and forget that people are the backbone of a company.

  • Cool Under Pressure

The job of an Operations Manager can be incredibly stressful.  Not only is the success of the company or department his/her responsibility, OMs usually work long hours and weekends.  They need to be able to remain calm no matter what problems occur. In the event of a problem, the Operations Manager needs to have the cool mindset to quickly troubleshoot the problem.

All five are essential to your success. Grow these skills, focus on them and it will greatly reward you as you improve and advance your career.

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By: Artyom Malkov

Chief Operations Officer

Author of Interviews with Masters of Operations Management.