Different Types of Operations Managers

Different Types of Operations Managers

Different Types of Operations Managers

Operation Managers are an integral part of any company or business. This is because an Operations Manager’s job encompasses a lot of different roles in the organization. From planning the budget of the company to recruiting new employees, Operations Managers have a large scope of responsibility. So it comes as no surprise that there are variations of the Operations Manager position that covers one or some of the roles that would be a part of an Operation Manager’s job description. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of Operations Managers in companies:

  • Material Manager:

The role of a Materials Manager is to supervise and store the products through the production process. The Materials Manager ships these between departments, warehouses and finally to the customer. In short, a Material Manager would have to make sure that the right thing is bought for the right price at the right time. A traffic manager, logistics manager, materials manager and warehouse manager are some types of Material Managers.

  • Purchase Manager:

Procuring the raw materials or services like that of a lawyer or insurance company is done by this Manager. The quantity, price, quality and time of delivery are coordinated by the Purchase Manager. The other variations that are part of this job are: purchasing agents, buyer and expediter.

  • Industrial Production Manager:

As the name suggests, this Manager is common among manufacturing industries. An Industrial Production Manager coordinates all the departments of production in manufacturing businesses. Production scheduling, quality control, staffing, inventory control, equipment maintenance and control and other such roles are a part of the Industrial Production Manager’s responsibilities. A line supervisor, production planner and manufacturing supervisor are different types of Industrial Production Managers.

  • Quality Assurance Manager:

A Quality Assurance Manager  would work on preventing deficiencies in the production of goods. This is done by preventing any defects, detecting any defects if any and correcting those defects. The standards of the finished product laid out by the company are met. Sampling and inspecting the finished product is part of the job profile of a Quality Assurance Manager. Other offshoots of this job are that of a Quality assurance inspector and quality control technician.

  • Logistics Manager:

The Logistics Manager is responsible for managing the supply chain of the product or service. The main aim of a Logistics Manager is to increase the efficiency of improve the efficiency of receiving and shipping the goods.

These are some of the different types of Operations Managers that are present in the global marketplace.