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Operations Management, Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting

Working with a supply chain consultant

In an effort to try to save money, many businesses are unknowingly leaving a lot of money on the table. In the case of not having an operations management professional present, this is certainly the case. Most small and medium sized business are letting a lot of potential income go to waste when it comes to optimized operations management process and supply chain management.

We also understand that not everyone has the funds, or even the need, to have a full-time professional around. This is why at, we have professional consultants available to help benefit your company. This is just a short overview of how having a consultant available to identify problems and suggest improvements can help. If you would like to get more information, please fill out our consulting request form:

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Reduce your inventory

If you have limitless storage space available, inventory does not matter. But even massive suppliers like are doing what they can to optimize their storage space – why shouldn’t you? Not only does decreasing your inventory make sense from a technical standpoint, it also makes sense from a financial standpoint.

Improve your on-time delivery

Everyone has heard the phrase ‘early is on time – on time is late – and late is unacceptable’. When it comes to deliveries, you want to be on time, because otherwise your clients are going to find someone who will deliver when they need it. Improving your on-time delivery does not have to lead to a radical shift in your day-to-day either, it can be done with relatively minor transitions.

Gain a manufacturing edge

If you are a manufacturing firm that has not considered improving the way that you produce goods, and how you store finished products, work-in process merchandise, and raw materials, chances are that you are not fully optimized. This means that you are not doing what you can to prevent a deterioration in debt affordability.

This can occur if you cannot repay your existing liabilities because of incurring losses. This does not have to mean a drastic shift in your production process either, it can mean the implementation of process re-engineering applications, warehouse management software, defect-tracking programs, and computer-aided production software.

Improve your quality control

Your best marketing efforts can entice customers to try your service or your product one time, but if they have a negative experience, they will not be back a second time. If you are not consistent in offering quality products, even long-time customers can become former customers.

This will not only cost you a great deal in revenue – but also remember the old business adage that it is ten times more expensive to get a new client than it is to retain a current client. By effectively utilizing operations management, you can expand your customer base that generates revenue, primarily because of strong quality control.

Improve your completive edge

There are internal and external conditions that determine how competitive you are in the marketplace. The internal factors may include the average attrition rate, intellectual capital, and operating policies. The external may depend on your rivals’ strategies and the state of the economy

By having a consultant go through your current situation, it is possible to improve the company’s competitive standing. This is because you can adapt your tactics more effectively to changing conditions after getting a better understanding of your operating environment. This can be in the form of the SWOT concept, looking at the analytical process in four different categories.

Can you afford not to?

We have had people ask, “How can I afford to hire a consultant to get improvements?” We prefer to ask the question a different way. Given today’s competitive market, given that you are competing on a global scale for local customers, how can you afford not to have the best possible opportunities?

Get Your Free Consultation: Please be details about tasks you are looking to accomplish. We will assign it to Operations Consultant that fits best.

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