Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts 2015

2015 Holidays are upon us, so here at operations manager we are taking a small break from our usual coverage to bring you some holiday gifts and ideas.

Grab a hand crafted gift for your family

Supply chain is critical over the holidays, and most stores get additional workers to meet the demand. Brought to our attention by ChristmasGifts.nycholidaypostcard_final_back

Holiday crunch and need a gift? Look no further. Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, we covered it all so you don’t have to.


Looking for a gift that really speaks New York? Whether you’re buying gifts to remind family and friends of their trip to the the Big Apple, or want to share with them your own experiences, this list has everything you need.

Here are amazing New York City gifts for all your loved ones!Santas workshop

1. Wood Carved New York City Skyline
Hand crafted cube from the wood of walnut, maple, pine, oak, and cherry.

This crafty cube at first seems like just that, a cube… until you open it. Once opened, it shows an artistic interpretation of the iconic New York skyline, such as The Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, One World Trade Center aka Freedom Tower, and The Flatiron Building.The New York Cube represents the diversity and uniqueness of the city. It looks like a puzzle piece when closed, as modern art when half opened and as a New York City skyline when opened wide. Get it here.

Each wood cube is a hand crafted, one-of-a-kind item that unique from one another. Made with different blend of wood (maple, walnut, pine, oak, and cherry) used to create each piece. All cubes embody 4 different wood types as part of the intricate crafting.



This is a Santa gift that needed to happen, and the maker of it actually looks like Santa Claus! Hence you can really tell everyone that it’s Santa’s workshop in action. This makes for a truly amazing Christmas gift. You can find it here.

2. Let it Snow!
Limited Edition hand crafted snow globe with NYC landmarks.

NYC-Snow-globeLike its model city, this New York City snow globe contains a little bit of everything. For tourists and locals alike, it celebrates the diverse and limitless ways to encounter the city.

We’ll give you a hint, there are over 15 landmarks hidden in this snowy globe! Go on a treasure hunt and find them all!

Mirroring the experience of walking through the “City that Never Sleeps,” this cityscape offers a new surprise at every turn—from the familiar Chrysler Building to the new One World Trade Center, to the New York Public Library’s lions and Wall Street’s bull. Find it here.

3. Chrysler Building Reimagined
18 karat gold plated necklace.

Chrysler_Necklace_GOLD_largeInspired and designed to reflect the style and shine of New York City’s gorgeous architecture, this Chrysler Building necklace is a true show stopper. Carefully engraved this piece is a work of art in its own right, just like the building it represents.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, this timeless statement piece is a classy way to show and encapsulate the best that New York has to offer. As far as high fashion jewelry goes, this piece has it all. Find it here.

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